Blue Sky Latch: Do you have clanky doors, or is your latch not working at all? Here is an inexpensive fix.

C-172 Blue Sky Latch
C-172 Blue Sky Latch
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C-172 Blue Sky Latch
Install it right on the plane. Simply drill out the two rivets holding your old latch system on your door. You will use these two same holes to install the Blue Sky Catch. The catch is made from TPE Thermal plastic rubber, it has excellent weather ability, and stands up to extreme temperatures. Next, use a hack saw blade and cut off that point on your door stem. You know the one you bang your head against all the time. Then use a small hammer and tap the strike on the end. Align your door using the Phillips head adjustment on your door stem. You're done. The thermal plastic rubber acts a bumper as well as a catch. You will really like this product!

You get all the hardware including structural AN screws and elastic stop nuts in the kit. Step by Step installation guide with photos showing how easy it is to install.

This is for both Pilot and Passenger doors.

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